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When I started in the exhibition business 18 years ago, it was common that our company had a full day to build the stands, and then the exhibitors would have another half day at least to set up for their display.

Over the years the tenancy time has been eroded as the economy has changed, and so now the same event would allow a few hours for us to build the exhibition stands, and the exhibitors rock up to get ready just before the start of the show.

Whilst we all strive for perfection, and logistics is the king, there is little or no time for error. No longer do any of us have the time to go back to base for forgotten items. We have had to learn to improvise on site, but our poor exhibitors don’t have regular experience of these time constraints, and more than ever we are faced with disappointed exhibitors who don’t have furniture on their stand or want graphics, and don’t have time to get them printed. They also barely have time to set up their display, let alone dress the stand as well.

Because of this change in environment, we have taken on the mantle of offering an online “shop”, so we can put graphics, furniture, carpet, extra lights etc on the stand before the exhibitor turns up.

It’s one less thing for you, our exhibitor, to worry about, when you can order this in a few minutes and then get back to your “proper”job, knowing that at least when you arrive at the show, you are ready for action.

However, another reminder – don’t forget to book your accommodation, and check the show dates! You’d be surprised how often exhibitors are frantically trying to find accommodation, or worse – turning up a day early or late!

Tracy Locke - Managing Director, Total Event

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