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Our proposition is unique within the exhibition and events industry.

Leveraging the Cvent Event Management platform in partnership with the skills and experience of our team, with over 18 years’ experience as an exhibitions and events service provider.

New to event software and integrating with your business? Benefit from access to industry-leading services at reduced agency pricing and the confidence of working with a trusted family-owned business.

Save the additional contractor hire costs – As a turnkey supplier of exhibition services, if we’re already onsite it’s one supplier for you and your exhibitors.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to track online interest in your event, promote relevant marketing content and drive attendee conversion from the start of the user journey.

Is your event going virtual or hybrid?

Our Online Event Guide solution allows your attendees to explore your event from their desktops or via a dedicated mobile app. Attendees can simply access the Guide and explore the entire event program, launch virtual sessions and engage with presentation real-time.

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Event Apps

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A focus on Engagement

• Attendees receive a smart experience with content and communications tailored to them

• Engage attendees via Push Notifications, Surveys and Live Polls – Scheduled or Live communications (no more need for PA systems!)

• Allow Attendees and Exhibitors to interact via in-app messaging, arranging meetings, downloading content, note taking

• Deploy Beacons to interact with attendees as they navigate the event

• Chose how Social you wish to be, integrate with Social Media platforms, deploy Social Walls for live Hashtag image sharing

• Use your app as a continued marketing tool, before, during and after the event!

Unparalleled Insight and Reporting

For the first time gather meaningful, quantifiable data and analysis on what created success at your event, what to change in the future

Real-time or post event with a dashboard showing 30+ insights as standard

Demonstrate ROI to key Sponsors, Speakers and Exhibitors, accurately, via impressions, track audience movements, show which users engaged with the advertising and how successful it was



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Monetise the App to cover costs and increase revenue

Sell sponsorship throughout the App via Splash pages, Adverts, Logos, Sponsored Push Notifications and much more. We help you to easily create tiered Sponsor Packages

Replace Exhibitor manuals, replace directional signage, save huge printing costs!

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