Covid Secure Workplace Solutions

With the exhibition and events industry set to remain closed, our exhibition panels have become a popular solution for partitioning commercial and communal spaces, offering privacy and protection as employers begin to transition their staff back to the workplace in a safe and secure way.

Social Distancing Screens and Partitions

• Exhibition panels covered in grey or blue polyweave fabric as standard

• Option to cover with foamex panels for easy and regular anti-bacterial wipe clean

• 1m x 1m boards used to divide desk space into private and protected work stations

• 2m x 1m boards for dividing large communal spaces, creating private meeting rooms etc

• Full flexible layout, create larger spaces or small 1m x 1m stations

• 1m x 1m desk dividing boards available from £5.00 per board per week standard fabric

• 2m x 1m full height boards available from £9.00 per board per week standard fabric

• White easy-clean panels £5.00 per board

• All easy-clean panels can be printed with company branding or COVID messaging!


Success Stories!

1m x 1m Dividers

Success Stories!

2m x 1m Dividers


Examples of installations raised poster boards for key messaging and fully branded wipe-clean panels

Printed Signage and Communication

• Directional wall & freestanding signage showing COVID-19 key messaging
• Floor stickers for distancing reminders
• Glass signage and screening of entrances and exits

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