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Shell Scheme Specifications

Shell Scheme Dimensions

Our Shell Scheme has the option to create 1 m, 2 m, 3 m or 4 m lengths of seamless wall without an upright, therefore our system is ideal to display graphics.
Construction Expo Shell Scheme Draintrader Event Shell Scheme Exhibition
Example of green fascia Example of black fascia Example of grey fabric fascia

Fascia options:

Your Shell Scheme can be enhanced with our choice of coloured foamex fascia. These options can be used to give your exhibition a corporate theme or to distinguish between different areas. We have a range of stock colours (see above) however if you require any particular branding we can provide a graphical option.
Upright Section 3 x 2 m Stand with fascia on 2 sides
Upright Section Shell Scheme Stand Dimension
Our stand uses a clamp system allowing for quick and simple installation
Please download our Quadraform Spec: Quadraform - Spec