Desk, Plinths and Showcases

Shell Scheme Stand Exhibition

Please have a look through our range of Sofas. If you do not see anything that you like then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.
Fusion Desk Large Fusion Desk Hollywood Bar Curved Counter
Fusion Desk
(With graphic)
(H 1020 x W 730 x L 1600 mm)
Large Fusion Desk
(With graphic)
((H 1020 x W 730 x L 2300 mm)
Hollywood Bar
(Variable Lighting COlours)
(H 1500 x W 480 x L 1200 mm)
Curved Counter
(With Graphic)
(H 1095 x W 1025 x D 546 mm)
Computer Plinth Lockable Computer Plinthd Tall Boy Showcase Showcase
Computer Plinth in Silver

(H 1000 mm)
Lockable Computer Plinth

(H 1000 x W 790 x D 640 mm)
Tall Boy Showcase
(LED Lighting)
(H 1850 x Interior 347 x 363 mm)
Jewellery Showcase with Shelf
(LED Lighting)
(H 1050 x Interior 350 x 1120 mm)
Computer Plinth Circular Plinth Silver Crescent Plinth Set Crescent Plinth
Computer Plinth with
keyboard shelf
(H 1000 mm)
Circular Plinth

(H 1000 x Dia 400/600 mm)
Silver Crescent
(H 1000/800/600
x Dia. 800 mm)
Crescent Plinth Set
(H 1000/800/600 x Dia 800 mm)
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