Exhibition Panels & Display Boards

The Exhibition Display Panels are a great way of creating spaces by dividing up a room. Alternatively use the panels to create display areas and conference booths.

Our adaptable Exhibition Panels can be used in many different ways to create:
Exhibition Displays | Poster Boards | Room Dividers | Screening | Enclosing an Area | Temporary Offices
Available in Grey or Blue, Sizes include (mm):
2400 x 1000, 2000 x 1000, 1000 x 1000, 1000 x 750, 1000 x 500, 1000 x 250, 750 x 750, 750 x 500 and 500 x 500.
Exhibition Display Boards
2 x 1 m Panels with Bases 1 x 1 m Elevated Panels 1 x 1 m Elevated Panels
  Panel and Pole Stand
3 x 2 m Panel and Pole Stand in Blue   3 x 2 m Panel and Pole Stand in Blue

Exhibition Panels are a great solution to create dividing walls and free standing panels. Our diverse range of panel sizes allow for a wide range of uses, including to create elevated displays and low height walls.

Display Boards with Princess Anne   Panel and Pole Stand with Gantry
Our elevated panels getting the royal approval   2. 4 x 1 m Grey panels with Gantry
  Exhibition Panel Divider
2 x 1 m Display Boards with Spotlights   2 x 1 m Panels creating a display area
With our in house Print and Design department and variety of Display Panels we can produce the perfect solution for enhancing your exhibition. Our rigid display boards, printed and mounted onto foamex using state of the art equipment, are the a great option for decorating your stand. They are a dynamic way of decorating Shell Scheme or Folding Exhibition Display Kits.