Shell Scheme Stand Exhibition

Please have a look through our range of accessories. If you do not see anything that you like then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.
Chrome Media 10 Tower Fridge Blue 'Z' Literature Stand 3 Shelf Ladder Rack System
Chrome Media 10 Tower

(10 A4 Media)

(Under Counter)
Blue 'Z' Literature Stand

(5 A4 Media)
3 Shelf Ladder Rack System

(W 1000 or 750 mm)
Blue Rope and Post Guideliner Garment Rail Dot Hook Velcro Hook Velcro
Blue Rope and Post Guideliner

(Per metre)
Garment Rail

(H 6ft)
Dot Hook Velcro

(Per Metre)
Hook Velcro

(Per Metre)
Small Bin Laptop LCD TV Large Bin
Small Bin


(Installed with Vista)

(32 ")
Large Bin

Hanging Hook Example Peg Board Wall Slat Wall Large Hanging Hook
Hanging Hook Example

(See below)
Peg Board Wall

(Pegs Available)
Slat Wall

(No Attachments included)
Large Hanging Hook

(L 1150 mm)
Small Hanging Hook      
Small Hanging Hook

(L 120 mm)
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